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A drawcard to The Casterton Kelpie Festival is the events that display the incredible agility of the Australian Kelpie.

Registration is required for the Kelpie Hill Climb, Kelpie Dash, Kelpie High Jump and Kelpie Triathlon events.

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Sponsored by GJ Waters & Associates

Kelpies take their place for the 50 metre dash there as an individual competitor or as part of the prized Kelpie Triathlon, the event is timed by the second or in some cases the minute or so it take to get to the finish line!

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Sponsored by Vickery Brothers 

Always a crowd pleaser! Watch the magnificent Kelpies display their amazing skills by jumping some incredible heights. Who will be the Kelpie to beat the world record jump height made in Casterton at the 2016 event (2.951m!) jumped by Bailey and owned by Tegan Eagle?

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Sponsored by Portland Aluminium

A test of endurance, speed and stamina by a Kelpie across all three events – the Kelpie Dash, Kelpie High Jump and Kelpie Hill Climb. This winner of this event claims the highly-prized ‘King of the Kelpies’ award.

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Sponsored by Elanco

An event that attracts competitors from across many states and challenges horse, rider and kelpie to be the master of the event scoring top points through a number of obstacles, including the penning of sheep.

Sponsored by AWI (Australian Wool Innovation)

Owners call their faithful Kelpie from the top of Blueberry Hill overlooking Casterton. The dog answers the call, sprints up the hillside and hopefully along the way goes through the sponsors gate to gain a 5 second bonus!

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As the name suggests, this event is much like a pinball machine. Watch the Indian Runner ducks make the Kelpies work as they attempt to complete the obstacle course.


  • Dog most like it’s owner – fancy dress allowed
  • Best-dressed dog
  • Best trick
  • Waggiest tail
  • 11 legged race
  • Egg & spoon race – for children
  • Dog cube eating competiton